L&Q’s 2017 gender pay-gap results are in

Published on 28/02/2018

L&Q has published its gender pay-gap report for 2017 which shows the pay-gap figures for companies within the L&Q Group (as of 5 April 2017). The results are as follows: 


The Median gender pay gap* 


L&Q 9.5% 

East Thames 12.6% 

L&Q Living 10.3% 


L&Q Group 15.7% 


National average 18.1% (2016) 

(Provisional 2017 figure 18.4%) 


*We have chosen to present this data using median values, rather than mean values because mean values can easily be skewed by extremes at either end of the scale and would not therefore be representative of the average earnings of a typical person. 


Results for the individual companies within the group are encouraging, with pay-gap figures 6-9% lower than the 2017 provisional average. The combined pay-gap figure, though still below average, is significantly higher at 15.7%. This is due to the high proportion of female staff working for L&Q Living, our care and support subsidiary, in caring roles which command much lower salaries. 


Whilst it is reassuring to see L&Q’s pay-gap figures consistently below average, there is clearly much more work to do to close the gap. There are currently a higher proportion of men employed at the top of the organisation and a higher proportion of women at the bottom. L&Q is working to tackle this as a matter of priority through various initiatives, that will be set out in a new diversity action plan for the organisation. This will be led by the first ever Head of Diversity and Inclusion, a new strategic role that will work closely with the leadership team. 


L&Q has a dedicated gender equality network 'Inspire', which is open to all staff. The network will continue with its mission to produce a sustainable improvement in the gender balance across L&Q by challenging perceptions, inspiring confidence and promoting ability. In particular, the group will look at the gender balance of L&Q’s leadership and executive teams. 


L&Q has also developed excellent family-friendly benefits and will look to promote greater awareness of these among existing and potential staff; and the L&Q Academy, which has been set up to help address the skills shortages in the housing sector, will seek to encourage greater diversity in new talent.  


David Montague, Chief Executive of L&Q said: “In 2016, L&Q was named Diverse Company of the Year at the Excellence in Diversity Awards. Tackling gender inequality is a crucial part of that and we want to be able to attract, develop and retain talented women throughout the business. 


“It’s universally acknowledged that organisations with gender diverse senior management teams perform better and we aim to be a leader within the housing sector in gender diversity.” 


See full report here.