L&Q’s EnergySave reaches 28,000 households

Published on 19/01/2018

EnergySave, L&Q’s award-winning programme which helps residents save on their utility bills, has now reached 28,000 households across London and the South-East.

The programme, which started in 2012, helps residents to cut their overall consumption with practical steps, suggested energy-saving habits and advice on switching suppliers.

As well as helping residents to save money, the programme prevents an estimated 640kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere per household engaged.

EnergySave also offers residents help with water-saving, distributing and fitting water-efficiency devices. The latest figures from Thames Water show that the programme saves 154,000 litres of water per day and 56 million litres of water per year.

The latest addition to the programme is a referral system developed for residents who are struggling with debt or rent arrears. Those in need are put in touch with the Financial Inclusion team, where they can access support from charitable trusts, budgeting assistance, food vouchers, benefit checks, and training courses.

Robin Feeley, Group Director of Customer Services at L&Q said: “Often people don’t realise where and how they can save. When we go into residents’ homes, we can quickly identify where the biggest culprits are in terms of consumption and offer practical steps to help do something about it.

Since it started, EnergySave has gone from strength to strength, engaging an impressive 28,000 households and diversifying its offer to include water saving and a new referral system for residents who are struggling financially. As L&Q continues to grow, we look forward to offering these services to even more residents.”

According to a recent survey over 97% of residents found the advice received “clear and easy to understand” and the vast majority would recommend EnergySave to a friend.