Update: Supported Housing funding

Published on 01/11/2017
Today the government released its response to the consultation on supported housing funding. In a statement Marcus Jones, Minister of State for Local Government recognised that supported housing is an important tenure and that the LHA cap is not a suitable funding model. Instead, long term supported housing will continue to be fully funded by the welfare system. He also announced that funding for short term supported accommodation such as homeless hostels and refuges will be funded through a new local authority ring-fenced grant.
Yvonne Arrowsmith, Chief Executive of L&Q Living said:
“We welcome the consultation response and are delighted that the LHA cap will not be applied to supported housing, sheltered housing and extra care. This is a positive response to a sector wide campaign which has led to the government recognising the vital role supported housing plays and crucially the need for funding security in order for us to secure long term investment and build more schemes to meet increasing demand.
This is wonderful news for L&Q Living and means vulnerable tenants from all of our 4,800 supported housing units are protected from the potential loss of more than a million pounds in reduced benefits. We look forward to submitting our response to the consultation.”