L&Q in partnership to set up first breakfast club at Sidcup primary school

Published on 12/07/2017

Hope Community School, Sidcup, is being supported to operate a free Breakfast Café, delivered by the Greggs Foundation, for up to 65 children every school day thanks to a grant from the L&Q Foundation and a donation from TP Managed Services.

We know that not every child has breakfast before school each morning in the communities that we serve which is why these projects are so valuable.

Supporting breakfast clubs ensures children are getting the fuel they need to start their learning day and provides a fantastic social opportunity.

The L&Q Foundation improves people’s chances in life by creating opportunities and projects that tackle disadvantage and social inequality. 15 primary schools across London have already benefitted from a portion of a £52,000 grant for breakfast clubs from L&Q.

The Greggs Breakfast Club Programme was established in 1999 to help primary school children get a nutritious start to their school day. The programme continues to support over 430 breakfast clubs, providing free breakfasts to over 26,000 children every school day.

Asif Chishty, L&Q’s Community Investment Officer for young people, said: “We want to ensure that all school pupils have an equal platform to achieve and succeed; breakfast clubs do vital work in ensuring children start the day with a nutritious meal and L&Q have been supporting them since 2014 through the L&Q Foundation. This latest addition at the Hope School is very welcome.”