Update about inclusion and comments made on social media

Published on 08/06/2020

It recently came to L&Q’s attention that a member of staff had made comments on their personal social media channels that were extremely racist and offensive.

One of L&Q’s five core values is inclusion: we draw strength from our differences and work collaboratively. We cannot succeed and grow as an organisation unless we value and nurture diversity and work together to make the most of the different experiences, skills, and points of view it brings.

We are proud to promote equality for people from all backgrounds. There is absolutely no place at L&Q for people who discriminate against others.

For this reason L&Q has a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind – whether that be shown through actions or words in the workplace, or made public on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. All confirmed cases will amount to gross misconduct.

We urgently investigated this matter in line with UK employment law. Confidentiality prevents us from sharing the final outcome of our process, however we can now confirm that appropriate action has been taken against the individual concerned.