Building and maintaining quality homes

Published on 22/01/2019

L&Q has today published the findings of Campbell Tickell’s independent review of outstanding maintenance issues at a scheme in Southwark. A full copy of the report can be found here. The report has already been shared with the Regulator for Social Housing, all residents directly affected and our involved residents.

L&Q has now resolved the vast majority of outstanding issues and made all necessary repairs. In addition, it has commissioned quality assurance surveys to identify any further actions necessary, which it aims to complete by April 2019.

L&Q is publishing the report as part of its commitment to openness, transparency and to learn lessons when things do go wrong. L&Q has apologised to all residents affected and offered suitable levels of compensation. L&Q would like to thank residents for their patience and understanding while the necessary work was completed.

The L&Q Group Board accepted Campbell Tickell’s findings in respect of the scheme in Southwark and will implement its recommendations in full. This is in addition to L&Q’s existing commitments to invest in the quality of its existing homes and transform customer service that it set out in its Corporate Plan, published in April 2018.

L&Q has made good progress with its plan to invest in the quality of its existing homes and improve service to residents, including:

  • strengthening its complaints process
  • increasing its investment in maintaining existing homes to £200 million a year
  • introducing a new home standard for vacant properties, to give new residents a brighter, fresher start to their tenancy
  • making improvements to its in-house repairs and maintenance arm, including better scheduling and faster turnaround times
  • recruiting additional maintenance operatives and customer service staff
  • the introduction of ‘resolution teams’ to fast track resolution of more complex issues
  • installing smart digital monitoring technology at 75 schemes which in future will provide early warning of issues with heating, hot water, lifts and other critical services
  • launching a new Customer Promise that sets out its commitment to residents and what they can expect in return.

In response to Campbell Tickell’s report, L&Q has developed a comprehensive action plan that builds on and accelerates existing work and sets out how it will:

  • ensure great quality in new build schemes
  • ensure accountability and responsibilities are clear for the life of a building
  • improve the way issues are identified when things do go wrong
  • continue to fully involve residents and customers in improving quality standards
  • learn and share lessons.

L&Q has asked Campbell Tickell to provide independent confirmation to the L&Q Board that all the required actions arising from their report have been completed.

David Montague, Chief Executive, said:

“In April 2018, we set out in our Corporate Plan a commitment to increase the amount we invest in maintaining our homes to £200 million each year and to improve customer service. We accept that we didn’t get things right at this scheme and we are determined to correct matters and learn lessons. That’s why we very much welcome Campbell Tickell’s report as it identifies further action we can take to embed quality in all that we do, provide an excellent service and ensure we resolve customer concerns quickly when things do go wrong.”

“As a long-term investor in the communities we help to create, we must take a long-term view in building quality homes that will stand the test of time.”

Fayann Simpson, Board Member and Chair of L&Q’s Resident Services Group, said:

“I welcome this report. It shows that L&Q is determined to listen to residents, put things right and learn lessons when things go wrong.”

Betsy Bassis, Board Member and Chair of L &Q’s Customer Experience Committee, said:

"Campbell Tickell have identified areas in our internal processes where we can improve and which we will act swiftly to address. Residents must have confidence that, in future, we will resolve their issues and complaints to their complete satisfaction."