Khadija Kamara talks about her "amazing" L&Q scholarship experience

Published on 07/08/2018

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Khadija received an L&Q scholarship in 2017 and has just finished her first year of university. Her mum heard about the scholarship though L&Q’s resident newsletters. Khadija said:

"It was quite a lengthy process - it took about a year and I had already received my A level results. I felt like the interview went well but then I thought about the amount of people that would have applied...when I got it I was really excited and happy. My mum was jumping and she was really happy - she was more excited that I was."

Khadija is now at Brunel University in west London studying Business Management with Marketing, she said: “I'm going into my second year. I'm finding the course really good. I'm doing a range of business modules which allow you to pick your pathway for second year. I have picked marketing because of I did it as an apprenticeship before university and really enjoyed it."

Khadija is currently doing an internship at L&Q which was an optional part of the scholarship programme in property sales and development:

"I've been learning how to do brochures, design, and adverts and understanding how marketing budgets work. I'm enjoying all of it to be honest because I've been doing a bit of everything - site visits, updating prices and also shadowing suppliers. I've visited three different companies, a designer, a printer and a digital PR agency.”

After graduating Khadija plans to do more internships before deciding on her chosen career, she said: “I want to get into good employment in marketing. I want to build a bunch of connections and keep in contact with people that I have met, so I can secure a really good job in something I really enjoy doing.

I have design experience and am very creative. I've been leaning how to use Photoshop and InDesign. I’m also interested in interior design. Three years after I graduate I aim to be self-employed. I used to have a clothing business so I think I might bring that back as well.

Talking about her experience Khadija said: “I’m grateful to L&Q for the opportunity that they’ve given to me. I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from them, but also to have a whole month of work experience makes this experience more amazing! Working at L&Q has opened many doors for me and has helped me understand what I want to do with my future after I graduate from university.”