Behind the scenes of an L&Q scholarship

Published on 02/08/2018

Eben Mitchell Website

L&Q are accredited Social Mobility employers and, in 2017, we helped 451 residents into paid work. We're now aiming to double this number through projects including scholarships, L&Q's skills academy and the schools partnership programme. 

Eben Mitchell received an L&Q scholarship last year and here he talks about how delighted he is to be on the programme:

Eben Mitchell is studying Maths at the University of Birmingham on an L&Q scholarship. It was an opportunity he never expected to receive but is eternally grateful to his mum for pushing him towards it.

Eben said: “It was all a bit funny really. I came home from school one day and my mum was reading the resident magazine and pointed it out to me. I didn’t really believe that it was for me or that I would be the kind of person to get a scholarship. But mum kept pushing me and I kept going further in the process until I finally got the great news.”

And Eben’s experience of university life in Birmingham has so far been exactly what he wanted:

“I chose this course because the scope is very broad and it gives me lots of options post-graduation. The course itself is fantastic, varied and interesting. And to top it all off, Birmingham is such a great city – especially the food!”

Having finished his first year, Eben is currently doing a summer internship at L&Q which was an optional part of the scholarship programme. Talking about his experience so far, he said:

“It’s such an eye-opening experience, you really get to see the broad work that goes on and how an office works. The team that I’m in are so supportive and really look out for me. I’ve already learnt a lot of new skills and am already thinking about coming back next summer.”

He has this to say to anyone else thinking about applying: “Definitely take the opportunity and jump in! The programme is really about investing in people as individuals. Obviously, they look at your grades but through the application process what they’re really looking for is that spark of potential and to see that you’re switched on.

“And honestly, when you’re in social housing or you’re from a working-class background there are a lot of things that can inhibit your ability to go to university or progress in your career. This programme is so great at removing some of these barriers and enabling people to get on.”

L&Q is the first housing association to become an accredited Social Mobility employer