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Resident ‘cooking up a storm’ in her new kitchen

A resident has rediscovered her love of cooking, after her kitchen was replaced as part of our Major Works Investment Programme.

Grandmother-of-two, Annamaria, who has been an L&Q resident since 2008, said the new kitchen has “put a spark back into her house”.

She was happy with the service and said,

“They brought along some lovely workmen and they were very professional about their job. They even added an extra shelf to some underused space in the kitchen using surplus countertop.”

The work was carried out by our partner, Morgan Sindall, as part of our Major Works Investment Programme, which will make sure every resident has a safe and decent home to live in.

This will include works such as new kitchens, bathrooms, boilers, and insulation.

We will also help tackle rising energy costs by increasing the efficiency of homes, as part of the 15-year plan.

MSPS have also completed their first bathroom as part of the programme.

Mark Newstead, L&Q’s Director of Major Programmes, said:

“We hope that this programme will mean that many other residents will also fall in love with their homes all over again. We want to provide homes that residents can be happy in and proud of.”

Find out more about our Major Works Investment Programme.