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Involving residents in our Major Works Programme


November 2023

We’ve committed to invest £3 billion in your homes and buildings over the next 15 years through our Major Works Programme. To make sure that the colleagues and partners who will deliver this provide a great service to you, we involved residents in shaping the programme. This is how:

The procurement process

Residents were involved with the procurement process for our Major Works contractors last year. We asked residents what quality meant to them, and then used their feedback to assess the tenders we received. The four key areas that we reflected as being most important to residents were:

  • Quality communication
  • Quality workmanship
  • Quality attitude from all colleagues
  • Minimising disruption.

Designing an induction programme

We used feedback from residents to design training that would ensure that everyone involved in the Major Works Programme understands their role in delivering a quality experience for residents from the start.

Feedback was provided by residents who received planned works in their homes last year.

The resulting training includes a statement from our Resident Service Board (a group made of L&Q tenants and leaseholders), and also shares a resident's reflections on what we could have done better to improve their experience. This helps us to make sure that delivering a good resident experience is everyone's responsibility by setting clear expectations from the start.

Staff recruitment

The 20 residents were involved in helping us to select a new Customer Relations Manager for the programme. They reviewed candidates’ responses to an example of a customer complaint on Major Works. They were asked to score the response in line with the candidates’ ability to use listen and understand the resident, and show care, good communication and the correct tone of voice while demonstrating our values in their response.

Residents’ scores were collated and contributed to the final interview scores to decide the right candidates.

Customer journey mapping

Residents attended a workshop to help us understand what information and action they need from us at each stage of delivery major works to their homes.

Their feedback influenced our communication plan and the letters our delivery partners will use to share information.

Rosie Ward, Resident Involvement and Accountability Partner, said,

”By involving residents in decision-making processes, listening to their feedback, and implementing their suggestions, we hope to consistently hit the mark in delivering on resident expectations.

Together, we’re building a stronger relationship with our residents, ensuring their voices are heard every step of the way. We look forward to more collaborative projects in the future.”

Get involved

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