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Don't risk an e-bike fire!


September 2023

This year, an L&Q resident’s home caught fire when an e-scooter that was charging set alight. Thankfully no one was hurt but this shows how important it is to take proper care to avoid fires if you own an e-bike, scooter or similar device.  

Here are some tips on how you can minimise the risk of fire with your e-bike:

  • Store your e-bike away from flammable materials

Like paper, clothing, or anything containing fuel such as petrol.

  • Don't overcharge your e-bike

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging the battery and avoid leaving it charging for extended periods, especially overnight or when you're away. Setting a timer to remind you when to stop charging might help you to avoid this.

  • Regularly inspect the battery for damage

Like dents, punctures, or leaks. Stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician for further guidance if any issues are found. 

  • Store e-bikes in well-ventilated areas to prevent heat build-up

Avoid enclosed spaces like cupboards or under stairs that can trap heat and increase the risk of a fire.

  • Use proper storage devices

Like bike racks or hooks designed for e-bikes and avoid leaning them against walls or storing them in positions where they could fall over.

  • Never store e-bikes on balconies

Balconies can be exposed to heat, rain, moisture and other things that can potentially damage the e-bike battery or increase the risk of fire.

  • Never store e-bikes and e-scooters in your hallway or communal areas

If there’s a fire you could be blocking the escape route.

  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm in your home

If you have any questions about e-bike storage in your building, please talk to your Neighbourhood Housing Lead.