We want you to enjoy living in your home, and keeping it in good condition is a joint effort between us and you.

Who should do what when it comes to keeping your home in good condition is a question residents often ask. Here, we set out your responsibilities and give advice on where to get extra help if you need it.

Your repair responsibilities

Your repair responsibilities are set out in your tenancy agreement, typically these are:

  • Keeping the inside of your home clean and in good condition
  • Repairing things that have been damaged through neglect or misuse
  • Minor repairs and replacements
  • Internal decoration
  • Keeping your garden tidy and free of rubbish
  • Your own appliances, fittings and any DIY

For a more detailed breakdown you can download our Your Home and Your Maintenance Responsibilities as a tenant guide:

Where to get help

If you are having difficulties, try one of these:

  • Ask a family member, neighbour or friend for help
  • Follow a how to guide online
  • Find an accredited tradesperson try checkatrade.com for recommendations in your area
  • Contact your local Home Improvement Agency. These local not-for-profit organisations help older people maintain their homes. You can find one in the foundations.uk.com directory

Online guides

If you think you can undertake a repair or you know someone who can do it for you but you aren't sure how to do the work in question, have a look online. There are plenty of websites that offer practical help:

B&Q how to guides
Wickes how to guides
Homebase how to guides

There are also plenty of practical videos showing you how to carry out various repairs on YouTube