What is planned maintenance?

We keep our homes in good condition through our annual planned maintenance programme. Planned maintenance is the name we give to the replacement or repair of certain building components, which includes the replacement of kitchens and bathrooms, electrical rewiring and decoration. Our annual planned maintenance programme makes sure that the homes most in need of works receive them first.

How does L&Q select properties for planned maintenance works?

Every year we survey a large number of our homes to collect information on their type, age, condition and structure. This information is used to plan and prioritise which homes need to have planned maintenance works first. If your home hasn't been surveyed yet, please don't worry, as some homes will be seen before others. If you are due a survey, we will write to you explaining what will happen, when it will take place and who you can contact if you have any questions.

How will I know if my property has been selected for planned maintenance works?

Each year in January the budget for our planned maintenance programme is set. This lets the Programme Management team identify which homes will be included in the years planned maintenance programme. If you are included we will write to you in March to tell you the works we will carry out, the name of L&Q staff member who will support you through the process and if known, the appointed contractor. If you have not received a letter then you will not receive any works that year, but you may receive them in the future. In time, all of our homes will have planned maintenance works carried out, as the different components that make up a home require replacement. Therefore, if we have not contacted you or carried out any planned maintenance works so far, it is because we have assessed your home as not requiring any works at the moment.

What happens next?

As mentioned above L&Q will aim to write in March of each year to those residents who are to be included within the next financial years planned maintenance programme. Our contractors are then responsible for programming the number of homes which will receive works each month within that financial year. Therefore some homes will be scheduled to receive works in the early part of the financial year whilst some will be scheduled later in the year. Any such programmes are subject to change therefore our contractors will typically write to residents, four weeks before any proposed works begin followed by a further letter two weeks before any proposed works to your home. The timings of such letter may vary for different types of planned works - however the principle will remain the same. Don't be alarmed if you don't hear from our contractors immediately, they'll write to you nearer to the time when works are planned to be undertaken.

Planned Maintenance works - what you need to know

The L&Q Property Standards will apply to all of our future planned maintenance projects relating to general needs tenancies.

Front cover of planned maintenance booklet

Planned maintenance booklet