You can report your repair to L&Q Direct by telephone or online.

If you're a homeowner please visit the homeowner repairs and maintenance page before getting in touch.

If you need an emergency repair you should always telephone us rather than reporting your repair online.

Your right to get repairs made

If L&Q do not carry out certain repairs within our timescales, you can claim compensation from us for the inconvenience caused by the delay.

Deadlines for repairs 

  • When reporting a repair, you should always receive confirmation of the anticipated completion date.
  • If your repair is not completed within the agreed timescales, we will investigate the reason why and will let you know the new deadline.

Compensation amount

  • The maximum compensation you can claim is £50. It is calculated as £10 plus £2 for every day the repair is not completed following the second deadline.
  • It is up to you to make a claim if you think you are entitled to compensation and you must make the claim in writing to our Customer Relations department.
  • You will not be entitled to compensation if you have refused access to a contractor or if the repair is one for which you might have to pay. 

Find out more about things that might qualify for compensation.

Repairs for Homeowners

If you are a Homeowner, (that is a Leaseholder or a Shared owner) you are responsible for all repairs inside your home. L&Q will only attend to repairs that affect communal areas. If you are in doubt, just contact L&Q Direct and ask to speak to the homeowner team.