Compensation for service failure

We aim to provide a good quality service to all our residents and we've set out those commitments in our Customer Promise.

When we fail to meet these standards and our commitments to you, we'll put this right as quickly as possible.

Where compensation is being claimed as part of a complaint, we'll deal with it as part of the complaint resolution.

Compensation for repairs

In line with the right to repair obligations, we'll pay compensation to residents where we fail to complete small health and safety related repairs within statutorily prescribed timescales.

This could be to an individual property or to communal services and facilities.

For example, total loss of water supply, total loss of electricity, partial or total loss of gas supply and leaking from water or heating pipes, tanks or cisterns.

Compensation is capped at £50 - but in some cases where we acknowledge the impact and inconvenience experienced, we may pay additional discretionary compensation as a goodwill gesture.

Proactive refund of service charges

We'll initiate a refund of service charges to all residents where we've not provided them with the services they've paid for.

In addition, we'll pay you compensation for the loss of the service.

Fixed award for missed appointments

Where we fail to give residents at least 24 hours notice that we'll not be attending for a booked appointment, we'll pay you a fixed compensation amount of £20.

Out-of-pocket expenses

Where our mistake means that residents have to spend extra money on bills and meals, we'll refund your out-of-pocket expenses.


We'll respond to resident compensation claims within ten working days. Where we're awaiting information from third parties or need to investigate further, we'll inform you and provide an action plan.