As a leaseholder, your responsibilities include:

  • Paying the ground rent and paying a contribution to the building insurance and service charges
  • Paying other outgoings on the property (eg council tax, utilities)
  • Redecorating the inside of your home
  • Getting written permission before carrying out major alterations
  • Not being a nuisance to your neighbours
  • Getting our written permission to keep a pet or fit a satellite dish
  • Advising us in writing if you sub-let the property or take in a lodger
  • Providing us with an address where we can contact you if you do sub-let your home
  • All maintenance to your home
  • Having your boiler serviced regularly

Homeownership Administration Fees 

Homeowner administration fees are payable for specific items. These are not included in the annual service charge management fee.

Front cover of planned maintenance booklet

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