We’re doing all we can to continue to provide services during the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s what you can expect of our repairs service at this time.

Emergency repairs only

To help tackle the spread of the coronavirus and keep you safe, we’re taking emergency repairs requests only at present. Although the government has lifted some restrictions, social distancing is still in place – and this is very hard to achieve when we come into your home.

So, for your safety and ours, we’re going to continue offering emergency repairs only for the time being. If you have an emergency repair, please call our customer service centre on 0300 456 9996.

You can find out what constitutes an emergency repair both in your home and in any communal areas in our frequently asked questions

Please don’t be offended when we call you before we arrive to find out if you’re ill or have been self-isolating. If we can’t get through, we’ll come and knock on your door to check.

If you’re unwell but your repair is an emergency, we’ll put special measures in place to get your repair done. If for any reason this isn’t possible, we’ll talk to you about whether there’s another way we might be able to gain access and sort the issue.

Our maintenance team will wear protective clothing, such as face masks and gloves. This is to protect our team and you as they go about their work.

We are keeping under review what repairs we can carry out in line with the government’s longer-term lockdown exit strategy and advice from Public Health England. This includes our programme of planned remedial work.

We’ll let you know when we have an update. So, for now, please continue to get in touch only if your repair is an emergency.