If you are an L&Q home buyer or owner, you may occasionally need to contact us about your lease, tenancy agreement or any legal issues raised by solicitors.

You may also need to contact us because your property has been repossessed or you have been made bankrupt.

Leases and tenancy agreements

Leases and tenancy agreements can be complicated documents that contain a lot of jargon. We want you to be confident that you fully understand the agreement that you have signed.

If you are unsure about any clauses in your lease or tenancy agreement, please contact us and we'll try our best to clarify them for you.

If your solicitor raises any queries regarding the lease or tenancy agreement please put them in touch with us.

We receive all kinds of legal queries relating to any number of issues and we try to answer them all. On some occasions we may need to refer to our solicitors.

Contact us

Please contact L&Q Direct if you wish to discuss a legal query.