What is the Resident Services Board?

The Resident Services Board (RSB) is an established, board-level group who are a vital part of our governance structure.

The RSB is a formal committee that holds our Board, Executive team and everything we do to account. They are equals to members of the other committees of group board. 

Their purpose isn’t to respond to individual resident issues. Their role is to make sure that the voice and experience of the wider resident base is being taken into consideration in decisions that affect them.

They do this by looking at a wide range of sources about services to residents such as performance data, complaints and survey feedback to provide ongoing challenge. They also draw on feedback from the wider resident involvement network, which sees residents work with different parts of the business to help us improve.

The overall aim of the RSB is to push L&Q to consider the resident perspective in everything it does.

An example of how the RSB has worked on the design of major works contracts:

  • Group board agreed on the need for a seven year investment programme on major works and asked the RSB to oversee its development and monitoring
  • The RSB sought feedback from the L&Q and You! Online community and other evidence of resident views of the things that matter most to residents when major works are being carried out
  • They set these expectations out to officers as well as making clear how they want wider groups of residents involved in the design and delivery of the programme as it unfolds over its seven years and challenged officer plans until they were satisfied that their expectations had been met
  • This means that the criteria for very big contracts have been designed in a resident centred way
  • The RSB have been considering carefully what they need to see from us to give them confidence that we are in fact delivering on their expectations
  • They will need to see evidence that we are seeking out meaningful opportunities to involve residents in the process from procurement to supply chain management
  • They will also need to see feedback from residents that the programme is doing what we say it should, ensuring that we are building agile ways to capture resident feedback as a key evaluation tool
  • The RSB will continue to report to Group Board on progress with the Major Works Investment Programme, which Group Board use alongside financial and other performance data to ensure the planned investment in homes is having the right impact

Current projects

The RSB has had a huge impact on how we work and are pushing us to be a better organisation by:

  • providing scrutiny and challenge on the improvement plans for services to residents, focussing on what residents will experience and when.
  • scrutinising plans for a new housing management model where the aims have been to improve visibility on the ground of L&Q staff and improve relationships between residents and staff
  • championing the involvement of residents in staff recruitment to test the empathy and values of potential new recruits and themselves being involved in recruiting Directors
  • overseeing the development and delivery of the next Resident Conference in March 2022
  • sponsoring the development of a new Cultural and Ethnic Diversity Forum and Disabilities Forum and new leaseholder forum to make sure a wider range of voices are heard
  • developing ways to increase resident involvement in 2021/2022, including supporting and respecting residents as volunteers
  • exploring the roles of Neighbourhood Committees and Neighbourhood Champions
  • monitoring the delivery of the Houseproud Pledge

Who are the Resident Services Board members?

The RSB is formed of ten members, nine of whom are L&Q residents and it is part of the constitution that residents must always be in the majority. They have a shared passion for improving services in their communities and have worked tirelessly by being active members of their local neighbourhood committees and panels, as well as neighbourhood champions, resident associations and mentors.

With real life experiences of being L&Q residents, many living with the impact of building safety issues, the members of the RSB have empathy with our residents and can challenge our policies and processes and encourage us to listen to and involve residents to help us improve them.

The board members bring with them a wealth of experience from working in both the private and public sectors and extensive volunteering. Between them they share a wide array of skills and knowledge gained in some diverse industries, from local government, housing and regeneration to the music industry, public health, HR, environment, NHS, equalities and consultancies.

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