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Resident Services Board

Eight L&Q residents who help us deliver the best services we can. 
In November 2020, eight residents were selected to form our new Resident Services Board. This group is responsible for helping us to deliver the best services we can, and provides a vital link between our Group Board and you, our residents.

What will the new Resident Services Board do?

The new board represents your voice and will:

  • Contribute to decision-making on the issues that matter most to you
  • Help to develop and improve our customer service
  • Scrutinise our decision-making and performance, to make sure your views have been taken into consideration
  • Connect with a wider network of residents through our Customer Panel, Neighbourhood Committees, Residents Associations, equalities groups and other more informal channels
  • Bring attention to the impact our decisions and performance have on you
  • Lead on revitalising our approach to resident involvement, including the development of a range of inclusive and accessible opportunities for you to have your voice heard.

How and why was the Resident Services Board formed?

The new board emerged from a review of the way we do things and make decisions. We invited all L&Q residents as part of a competitive recruitment process where each applicant was given the opportunity to demonstrate the key competencies and values we were looking for.

The formation of the board is an important step in making sure that we are delivering on our social purpose by placing resident voices, and your ideas, experiences and expertise are front and centre in our decision-making

How do I get more involved?

Although we’ve now finished recruiting for our Resident Services Board, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to get more involved with what we do to serve you and our neighbourhoods.

Explore this section of our website to discover our current resident involvement opportunities. You can also contact your Property Manager to find out if your community has a resident association and how you can get involved.