L&Q reimburses residents for travel and care expenses incurred when participating in involvement activities, such as L&Q meetings or L&Q approved training events, conferences or seminars. This policy outlines the circumstances in which L&Q will pay these expenses.

All resident expenses should be claimed using the Resident Expenses Form:

Public transport or car mileage

All residents can reclaim the cost of public transport (second class rail fare) or mileage to attend L&Q meetings or events.

Claims for public transport are subject to the submission of receipts for the cost of travel and should be attached to a completed Resident Expenses Form.

If a resident uses an Oyster Card the cost of the relevant journey should be included with an itemised form. An itemised form or journey statement can be printed off at a Tube station ticket office. Alternatively residents can register their Oyster card online; residents can then log into their account and print a copy of the statement on the screen, or forward an email statement to the L&Q authorising officer. We cannot accept statements in Excel format.

Residents can claim mileage costs at £0.50p per mile. The completed Resident Expenses Form should show the combined mileage for the outward and return journey and will be subject to approval by L&Q.


Residents who are registered disabled or who have mobility or health issues preventing them from using public transport can request a taxi to attend a meeting or other L&Q approved event.

Those living in rural or isolated areas who are attending evening meetings or events may also request a taxi to attend an event. Taxis will not normally be provided to day events other than where there are accessibility issues with the venue.

The use of taxis is excluded other than in the circumstances described above and all requests for taxis must be approved by L&Q. If in doubt, contact us.


Residents attending L&Q meetings or events can claim up to £7 per hour for the cost of childcare where:

  • they are the child/children's parent or guardian
  • the child/children being claimed for normally reside with them

Expenses for childcare will only be reimbursed where a registered childminder is used.

Claims can cover the duration of the meeting or event, as well as reasonable travel times.

Residents can claim for children up to 18 years old. Care for children 16 years and above will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances, as agreed with L&Q's authorising officer.

Evidence of the cost of childcare (either through a receipt or invoice), and the childminders registration number should be submitted with the completed Resident Expenses Form.

Dependent care

Residents participating in L&Q meetings or events can claim up to £7 per hour for the cost of care of a dependent for whom they are in receipt of a carers allowance.

Residents cannot be reimbursed for dependent care provided by family members or members of the same household.

Evidence of the cost of dependent care (either through a receipt or invoice) should be submitted with the completed Resident Expenses Form.