When residents take the time to share their thoughts and opinions with us, it is important that we act on this information and give you feedback.

L&Q runs an annual resident conference where tenants and staff have the chance to take part in various workshops and think about L&Q's plans and services. Residents have provided us some fantastic ideas during these events, and here are some of the ways we've put those suggestions into practice:

Employment and training opportunities

Residents suggested that we should provide work experience and apprenticeships for residents at L&Q. In response to this, we have now developed apprenticeship and scholarship opportunities so that residents can take a first step onto the employment ladder by working in various departments across L&Q. We have also set up a volunteer programme so that residents can get hands on work experience at L&Q offices. We are also in talks with contractors on some of our large development schemes and asking them to put in place local labour quotas, so that local residents have an opportunity to work on these schemes.

Agreeing and setting service standards

Residents suggested a number of changes we could make to improve our performance, and we have responded in the following ways:

  • When residents call L&Q Direct we will improve feedback by confirming over the telephone what staff will be doing to deal with the enquiry
  • L&Q Direct staff will repeat their contact details to callers, to make sure residents have all the information they need
  • We will feature regular articles in Homelife to remind residents how they can contact L&Q, how to make complaints and report anti-social behaviour
  • We will also feature regular articles in Homelife with advice about how residents can prevent problems in their homes by carrying out simple maintenance checks

We would like to thank all those who attended the conference for their suggestions and we will be continuing to work closely with residents to improve our services.