L&Q residents can take part in groups that have a say on how L&Q is run and how it spends its money

Customer Experience Committee

At the highest level, residents sit on the new Customer Experience Committee. This takes on the customer services, strategic and governance work of L&Q’s former Resident Board and East Thames’s Customer Experience Committee.

The committee is made up of members of the L&Q group board, plus three of our most senior involved residents. This gives residents a real say at the heart of L&Q.

Resident Services Group

Beneath the new Customer Experience Committee sits the new Resident Services Group, which focuses on housing management and maintenance, including looking at how we manage tenancies and tackle anti-social behaviour as well as issues relating to repairs and maintenance of our properties..

This group is involved in key performance indicators and data monitoring, policy and service improvement scrutiny, co-ordination and investigations, and escalation, devolution and referrals. The group would be involved in

The Resident Services Group comprises of the eight Neighbourhood Committee Chairs and two senior Customer Experience Committee members

Neighbourhood Committees

We have eight Neighbourhood Committees across the areas where we work, so there should be a group local for you to join. Being on a Neighbourhood Committee means attending meetings to discuss both local issues and L&Q's performance. These meetings give you a real say in how we can work towards reducing poverty, increasing safety and improving levels of employment in an area.

We ask all committee members to read a set of papers before coming to each meeting so they can comment on how the committee should spend money on community projects and improvements. Neighbourhood Committees agree how we spend our estate management budget in their area.

Do you want to get involved in decision making?

We are currently recruiting for residents to become involved at all levels. If you're interested, please contact us.

What you can get out of it:

  • Make a difference to the area where you live
  • Have your say on how L&Q's services and how it spends its money

Develop your:

  • Communication skills as you discuss issues in meetings and raise questions and concerns
  • Analytical skills as you help us identify how we can improve our services
  • Team working skills as you work with L&Q staff and other residents
  • Committee experience as you learn how committees function
  • Scrutiny skills as you challenge L&Q's performance and hold us to account
  • Knowledge of housing and how L&Q works