The L&Q Standards are a set of commitments we make to residents about the services we provide and how well we perform. Residents monitor and scrutinise our performance against these standards, holding us to account should the standards not be met.

This approach, where social landlords work with residents to assess performance, is known as co-regulation.

While getting involved in any resident involvement activity will allow you to influence the way L&Q delivers services, there are some involvement opportunities which are specifically linked to co-regulation.

Resident Board - Resident Board's role in co-regulation is to:

  • Agree L&Q Standards
  • Monitor and scrutinise performance
  • Clarify what will happen if L&Q Standards are not met
  • Be involved in reviewing L&Q Standards and governance/scrutiny arrangements on a periodic basis

Group Board - Group Board's role in co-regulation is to oversee our performance against L&Q Standards and ensure we are meeting our obligations.

Resident Inspectors - Resident Inspectors are L&Q residents who are trained to assess L&Q service delivery as part of the quality review process. They will support co-regulation by helping to ensure L&Q Standards are being met.

L&Q will report back annually to residents on our performance against L&Q Standards through the Residents' Annual Report. We will also consult with residents once every three years on how we deliver co-regulation and involve residents in the governance and scrutiny of our housing management service.

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