Information for suppliers about trading with L&Q.   

Contracts and tender opportunities at L&Q

All contracts that need to be advertised and are over £10,000 are advertised in Contracts Finder.

Those that exceed the EU Procurement thresholds are advertised in OJEU and Contracts Finder.  

Complying with regulation

We abide by a strict code of ethics and are fully compliant with both domestic and EU laws surrounding procurement.

Our slavery and human trafficking statement

How to contact our procurement team

You can contact L&Q’s procurement team by email at

Supplier frequently asked questions

To help improve efficiency in L&Q’s payment processes and make sure all payments are made to suppliers as quickly as possible, suppliers must ensure that they are provided with a PO number when accepting an order for goods or services.

When invoicing for goods or services, suppliers must quote a valid Purchase Order (PO number) on all invoices to receive payment.

What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A company document that authorises a purchase transaction that have been requested in advance. When accepted by the seller, it becomes a contract binding on both parties. A purchase order sets the descriptions, quantities, prices, discounts, payment terms, date of performance or shipment, other associated terms and conditions, and identifies a specific seller.

Which goods/services are exempt from a PO?

No goods or services are exempt.

Requests for goods/services have been made by the requester in the past without a PO being quoted – what should I do if it is?

No, all staff within L&Q have been made aware of the processes and nobody should be asking you to proceed with work without you having received a PO for goods/services – please do not start work without a PO. Please make sure you have one before starting work, if you do start work without one, you do so at your own risk.

What are L&Q's standard payment terms?

Standard payment terms are 30 days from date of invoice. Invoices received without a valid PO number quoted will not be paid and will be returned. This may lead to a delay in the payment process.

What happens if I get paid in a different way?

Purchase Cards – the use of purchasing cards are for low value and one off purchases; you will receive a card number to process the payment against for which you will be required to send proof of purchase back to the requester.

Will I get paid quicker if I provide a PO number?

The time you will be paid in will depend on the payment terms you are set up under which would have been agreed between L&Q and yourselves prior to set up on our system, if the correct procedures and policies are followed then this should not lead to any overdue payments to you.

What does a valid PO look like?

The PO number is stated in the pdf order document and on the email subject line. It should state: the description, the quantity and price for the goods/services you have quoted for, where it should be delivered to and your company name.

An invoice has been returned requesting a valid PO number be quoted. How can I get this?

You should speak to whoever gave you the original instruction to supply the goods/services and ask them to provide a valid PO number. When you have this, you should send a replacement invoice, quoting the valid PO number to

My order or supplier details are incorrect, who do I contact to correct these?

If any details are incorrect with your order or supplier details please contact your point of contact via email in the first instance. They will then request your supplier details to be confirmed on letter headed paper to validate any changes.

How do I know who my point of contact is at L&Q?

All contact details of the order originator will be printed in the top section of the pdf order document you receive – just under the supplier, delivery and invoice address details.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?

If you have an issue please contact your point of contact, they will help you in the first instance or direct you to the relevant person.