The Seddon Centre in Leytonstone is available for hire for:

  • Meetings
  • Community events
  • Children's groups, etc

You can hire the centre between 9am to 9pm, seven days a week.

If you are interested in hiring the centre, please call the centre on 020 8257 0027.

Hall capacity:

  • Large hall (holds up to 100 people)
  • Small hall (holds up to 30 people)
  • Fully equipped kitchen

Rental rates are as follows:

Large hall:

Non-residents: £45/hour
Residents: £25/hour

6pm to 11pm:
Non-residents: £30/hour
Resident: £20/hour

9am to 6pm
Non-residents: £25/hour
Residents: £15/hour

Small hall:

Non Residents: £25/hour
Residents: £15/hour

9am to 6pm
Non-residents: £15/hour
Residents: £7.50/hour

6am to 11pm
Non-residents: £20/hour
Residents: £10/hour

Kitchen £10/hour

The centre's address is:

33 Clyde Place
London E10 5AS

Tel: 020 8257 0027

The Seddon Centre (Google maps)