L&Q's organisational structure allows us to respond to local needs while we grow as an organisation. We operate across London and the South East.
Central departments
Our central departments are:
  • Chief Executive and Corporate Assurance
  • Development and Sales
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • PRS, Commercial & Care
  • Operations
We work closely with L&Q Living, a subsidiary company that specialises in the support and housing needs of vulnerable and older people.
Related groups and organisations
Our Group Board is responsible for all the work carried out by L&Q and ensures that the Executive Group manages our day to day work efficiently.
We have a Resident Services Group and Neighbourhood Committees for residents who would like to take on greater responsibility in shaping and improving our services.
And the L&Q Foundation is funded each year by L&Q to help improve the lives of our residents and communities
L&Q is a registered society with exempt charitable status.