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We never want to let you down, but if we do, we'll consider offering compensation

You can claim compensation against us for personal injury or damage to personal property where you can demonstrate that we're legally at fault.

Our Insurance team are responsible for processing all claims against L&Q (London & Quadrant Housing Group) and its associated subsidiaries. Legislation requires that we thoroughly investigate every claim to establish whether or not we're legally liable to the allegation made. 

If we're able to provide evidence of carrying out our legal duties, you will not be entitled to compensation. So, if your accident has happened and there has been a system of regular inspection and prompt repair, then your claim will be rejected.


You can expect the following responses during the pre-action protocol period once you have submitted your claim:

Acknowledgement of your letter – we aim to acknowledge your letter within five working days.

Investigation period to make a decision on liability – following the date of the acknowledgement letter, we aim to make a decision on liability within 40 working days to three months. This time period will depend on the type of claim you are making.

To thoroughly investigate your claim, our Insurance team must check the following:

  • inspection and repair records
  • other records (previous complaints)
  • whether or not a contractor or any other party was involved

We can't influence the timescale of responses from other parties. These investigations can take some time and your patience is appreciated.

Decision on liability

Once your claim has been thoroughly investigated, a decision is taken whether to offer compensation, reject your claim or refer it to another party, for example a contractor.

From our investigations, we may establish that another party is responsible for your claim. Such bodies or persons are by law responsible for claims arising from their works.

If we're satisfied that a third party is responsible, our Insurance team will notify you of this and, where possible, provide relevant details so your claim can be referred to the responsible party. This party will then be responsible for dealing with your claim and not us.

Internal complaints procedure

If your claim is declined and you are dissatisfied with the outcome then you should seek legal advice on the matter – this can't be dealt with as a complaint issue.

If during or after the processing of a claim, you wish to complain about any aspect of our Insurance team's service or treatment of your claim, you can submit full details using our online complaints form.

However, complaints about the decision made on the claim will not be accepted, since the proper and appropriate method to challenge a legal decision of L&Q and our insurer is through the legal process by issuing court proceedings through your solicitor.

How to make a complaint

If you're unhappy with the service you receive from us, you can use our online complaints form to let us know

Fraudulent claims

As part of our fraud prevention process, we'll complete a number of enquiries to check the details you provide us with. Any person who knowingly assists, abets, solicits or conspires with another to make a false report in relation to loss, damage or injury of any kind commits a dishonest act, is a crime.

We're duty bound to inform you that under the Fraud Act 2006 (and other legislation) any claim that is found to be false in nature or involves the deliberate and dishonest withholding or misinterpretation of material information to gain financial advantage will be reported to the police and privately prosecuted by us or our insurers.

It is our duty to refer all suspected fraudulent claims to the police for further investigation and, if appropriate, prosecution.

Third party solicitors

If you're a third party solicitor, please note that L&Q are registered on the Ministry of Justice Portal for low value personal injury (employers' and public liability) claims.

For your reference, our details are:

Name: London & Quadrant Housing Trust
Organisation ID: G00438

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