L&Q were selected in February 2008 by the London Borough of Southwark as their preferred developer/partner for Phase 1a of the Aylesbury regeneration project.

The Aylesbury Estate is the largest social housing estate in Europe, and contains Europes largest housing block. It is regularly used for TV and film settings (including numerous episodes of The Bill and the Michael Caine film Harry Brown) and appears as the floating buildings at the start of Channel 4 programmes. Tony Blair also used the estate as the venue for his first Prime Ministerial visit and speech after being elected in 1997.

Working with local people to regenerate the area

Phase 1a of Aylesbury Regeneration Project

L&Q is working in partnership with residents, Creation Trust, Southwark Council and other key stakeholders to make sure the development meets the needs of local people.

During the preparation of our planning applications we held exhibition events focusing on both planning and design issues where residents could give their comments and feedback.

During the construction of the scheme L&Q and our contractor attended resident forums on a regular basis and there are dedicated tenant liaison officers available to attend meetings, answer queries from new residents and provide information wherever necessary. We ensure that appropriate staff maintain a daily presence on site and that there is an open door approach at the site office.

Mixed tenures

All phases are mixed tenure. Across the scheme we are providing:

  • 101 homes for rent,
  • 18 homes for shared-ownership,
  • 15 homes for Intermediate Market Rent and
  • 127 homes for outright sale,
  • as well as a new state-of-the-art healthcare facility,
  • three new retail units and a new public square.

Site completion

The first 50 homes and the new Aylesbury Resource Centre completed in March 2011. The whole project will be complete by early 2013. There are four sites on Phase 1a: A, B, C and D:

  • Site A Complete
  • Site B Complete October 2012
  • Site C Complete April 2012
  • Site D Complete July 2012