L&Q Living provides specialist mental health accommodation and services throughout east London and Essex, ranging from supported living accommodation to registered care homes. But we offer more than accommodation and care, we also support your road to recovery and help you find the confidence and skills to build an independent and meaningful life.

Your care and support is provided using personalised support plans and we use a recovery approach to mental health support which gives you control over your life and journey to recovery. We also encourage you to achieve personal goals such as rebuilding skills, learning new things, forming relationships, and taking part in social and leisure activities.

Supported living schemes

Our supported living schemes offer a range of self-contained and shared accommodation. We offer both temporary and longer term stays with support ranging from weekly visits to services staffed 24 hours a day. They are generally for people needing a low to medium level of support who can live safely without a permanent staff presence. However, as our schemes are staffed according to the resident's needs, we also welcome people with more intensive needs requiring 24 hour support.

Registered schemes

Our registered homes provide 24 hour support for people with higher level needs requiring more intensive help with things like medication, cooking, cleaning and staying safe.

Who is eligible?

Our schemes generally cater for adults who are referred through the local authority mental health accommodation services team. Most schemes give priority to residents from the same borough they're located in, however some schemes also accept residents from other areas.

Talk to us today

To make a referral into one of our services or to find out more about what we offer, please contact us.