L&Q is driven by a social purpose which has always gone beyond just building houses. The L&Q Academy has been created to help our people and communities achieve their potential.

The L&Q Academy offer is simple; to recruit, retain and progress the most talented staff in our business; and to engage, motivate and support our residents and others living in our communities to gain important skills and opportunities to enter employment.

Local people are able to gain employment, skills and qualifications through apprenticeships and our graduate programme, towards successful careers with L&Q including in construction to help us build our homes and health and social care to support our most vulnerable residents.

It contributes to the development of the quality of our services by supporting staff to progress their careers, gain new skills and become better qualified.

The Academy offers access to apprenticeships at all levels from level 1 to 7. We recruit apprentices through the year when opportunities arise and all our apprenticeships are advertised on our website. We currently have apprentices working in Direct Maintenance, Construction, Care and Support, Neighbourhoods and in administrative roles across the business.

Graduate Programme
Our graduate programme offers employment and developmental opportunities to graduates to enter, sustain and develop a career with L&Q. Graduates are supported and funded to gain higher level and technical qualifications or become chartered. Graduates work across the business, with the highest numbers in Development and Finance.

Upskilling for Staff
We aim to grow our own staff through our apprenticeship and graduate programmes and enable staff at all levels to gain higher level qualifications and progress in their careers. This will improve our ability to address staff shortages, increase staff satisfaction and retention, increase diversity and make L&Q a more attractive place to work; and employer of choice.

£5m annual investment
The L&Q Academy is funded each year by L&Q and we have committed to invest up to £5 million each year.

Academy Strategy

Read the L&Q Academy strategy: