L&Q invests millions of pounds each year to create opportunities for our residents and tackle disadvantage.

We aim to:

  • provide training and support people into employment
  • fund activities for young people
  • help our residents access financial advice and support
  • provide activities and opportunities for older residents
  • build stronger communities

We invest in our neighbourhoods through the L&Q Foundation. Our  Neighbourhood Committees award funds from the L&Q Foundation to local initiatives which benefit our residents and the wider community.

Listening to local needs

In order to provide the opportunities and support that meet the needs of our residents, we must understand the needs of the many local communities where our residents live.

To understand local needs we work closely with our residents and the wider community and with partners including:

  • local authorities
  • voluntary and community sector organisations
  • faith groups
  • social enterprises
  • business networks

This ensures that the opportunities we fund are provided by the best people for the job.

Find out about opportunities in your area

You can find out about the training opportunities that we provide in your area by looking at our events calendar.