Involving residents

We put residents at the heart of our decision making. 

Group Board

At the very highest level, we have a resident on our Group Board. This is to make extra sure that we take the views of our residents into account when making decisions. 

Customer Experience Committee

Residents also sit on our Customer Experience Committee, where they hold us to account with members of our Group Board. In particular, this committee looks at customer services and our strategic and governance work.

Our most senior involved residents sit on this committee.

Resident Services Group

We also have a our Resident Services Group, which focuses on issues relating to housing management and maintenance. This group is involved in key performance indicators and data monitoring, policy and service improvement scrutiny, co-ordination and investigations, and escalation, devolution and referrals.

Its chair has a seat on our Group Board.

Neighbourhood Committees and resident inspectors

We also have Neighbourhood Committees covering each of the eight areas we work in across London and the South East. These committees are for local residents who would like to take on greater responsibility in shaping and improving our services.

They also approve funding from L&Q Foundation for around 40 local community projects a year.

Resident inspectors are trained to inspect and review our core services.

Other forms of resident involvement

Some 400 residents volunteer as ‘neighbourhood champions’, which involves them working closely with our people at a local level to improve the areas they live in.

We have mystery shoppers too, and our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans Resident Forum and adhoc focus groups also give residents the chance to help shape what we do.

In 2019, we launched our online research panel. More than 3,600 residents share their opinions on a range of topics via monthly surveys, and we use this feedback to improve our services.

Resident conference

Each year, we hold a resident conference, where more than 100 residents come and get up to speed on what’s happening at L&Q and give their input. The conference is designed in part by residents themselves.