Residents sat in the garden

Residents annual report

In this report we set out how we performed between April 2021 and March 2022

A conversation with Fiona, Gerri and Fayann

Fiona Fletcher-Smith, Gerri Scott and Fayann Simpson OBE talk about improving your experience with us by reviewing the past year.

This includes:

  • plans for investing in homes
  • a new approach to housing management
  • alignment with Trafford Housing Trust
  • continuous improvement based on what you’re telling us about your experiences with us

A conversation with Fiona Fletcher–Smith, Group Chief Executive, Fayann Simpson, Chair of Resident Service Board and Group Board Member, and Gerri Scott, Group Director, Customer Services

Our performance 

Our Customer Promise sets out five things we pledge to do for you.

The promise is designed to help you understand what you can expect from us in a clear and simple way without having to know the detailed individual services we offer and how we go about delivering this.

The annual resident conference brings together residents with our most senior members of the business to report on the progress we’ve made throughout the year.

During the conference, residents raised several themes throughout the day including:

  • a disconnect between what we’re saying and what you’re experiencing
  • providing access to information throughout the year, so that the conference doesn’t feel like your one and only opportunity to hear what we’re doing
  • importance of local transparency, information sharing and relationships. Also, the role of local, patch-based teams in sharing information and capturing your feedback
  • clarity on the role and responsibility of resident forums – and how to be part of this 
  • service charges – knowing and understanding what you’re paying for
We presented the themes raised at our annual resident conference to a panel of our Directors - watch or listen to what they had to say

Involving residents

We believe the best way to improve our services is by residents and our colleagues working together.

There is a growing community of L&Q residents, working at local and strategic levels, and across the whole of L&Q helping us to improve services and support our neighbourhoods.

To find out more about getting involved as an L&Q resident, please visit our resident involvement page.

Hear from some of our residents on their experiences and motivations for working with us

Continuing the conversation

Aubrey Adams OBE, Chair of L&Q Group and Fayann Simpson OBE, Chair of Resident Services Board reflect on what they heard at the resident conference and how they draw on resident feedback at a Board level. 
Continuing the conversation with Aubrey Adams OBE, Chair of L&Q Group and Fayann Simpson OBE, Chair of Resident Services Board

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