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Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-social BehaviourL&Q is committed to dealing with anti-social behaviour as part of its mission of creating places where people want to live.

Everyone who signs up to an L&Q tenancy knows they have to act responsibly and ensure their children and visitors do not cause trouble. L&Q takes a zero-tolerance approach to this problem and will work with police and other agencies to solve complaints wherever possible. If necessary, we will take court action which could lead to eviction. We also work with partners to get Anti Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs).

We will advise any resident who is aware of anti-social behaviour caused by L&Q residents or their visitors. Your Neighbourhood Services Officer is the first person you should tell about any anti-social behaviour problems.

Anti-social behaviour publications

To help you understand the work of L&Q in relation to anti-social behaviour, we have a number of publications and forms, which you can download below.

If you are experiencing anti-social behaviour from neighbours you should tell your Neighbourhood Services Officer who may suggest you use our anti-social behaviour diary sheet to record and keep a diary of any incidents.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

If you have a serious, urgent problem linked to L&Q residents:

  • call the police
  • phone your local L&Q office
  • Outside of our working hours, phone 0800 015 6536

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  • Anti-social behaviour contacts

    If you have a serious, urgent problem linked to L&Q residents:

    • call the police (if the incident involves a crime)
    • Email
    • phone L&Q Direct on 0300 456 9996
    • write to L&Q Direct, PO Box 194, Sidcup, DA15 0AJ or
    • visit your local L&Q office