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Excalibur Estate regeneration

This exciting regeneration project in Catford will deliver 371 brand new homes for rent and sale. With the involvement of local people, we are creating an attractive and inviting new environment that will offer quality homes and services to old and new residents alike.

We look forward to continuing our work with local people to create a lasting legacy in Lewisham.

Background to the regeneration proposal

Why change?

Excalibur Estate Regeneration
Aerial view of the proposed regeneration project

The Excalibur Estate is made up of 186 prefab bungalows. Built in 1946, the homes were hurriedly erected during an acute housing shortage following the Second World War. The prefabs had an intended lifespan of only 10 years. Sixty-five years later, they remain - outdated and in poor condition.


In 2005 the Council investigated the cost of improving its homes to bring them up to Decent Homes Standard. Due to the condition of the properties, it was decided that the best option for Excalibur was to redevelop the estate and provide new homes for the existing residents. This would be subject to a tenant vote in favour of the proposal.


L&Q began work with the Council and local residents in 2007. Since then, the project has evolved from a stock transfer into a regeneration scheme. It retains its key principles, but is now able to access government funding for the building of the new homes. This is assisting us in overcoming numerous challenges including the financial implications of the global economic crisis, the fall in the housing market and the Grade II listing of six prefabs.

The vote

In July 2010, residents of the Excalibur Estate voted on the regeneration proposals put forward by L&Q and Lewisham Council. With a huge turnout of around 90% of residents, a majority verdict was returned in favour of redevelopment.


Work then began to further develop the designs. In November 2010, we submitted a planning application for the estate, and in April 2011 we were delighted to hear that it was approved. This was later followed by GLA approval of the application.

The new estate is designed to meet the needs of both current and new residents, and provide a long-term sustainable community. The current 186 prefab homes will be replaced with 371 new houses and flats. These will include a mixture of affordable homes and additional flats and houses for sale, shared ownership and equity ownership. Associated community space, road systems and infrastructure will be created as part of the regeneration process.

What now?

We've now entered into contract with a company called Keepmoat who will deliver the first homes in Phases One and Two. These Phases are expected to be completed in October 2017.

Keepmoat will be appointing a Resident Liaison officer and their details will be given to residents as soon as they are available. Based on site, the Resident Liason officer will keep residents informed about activity on site and will act as their main point of contact.

The decanting of residents in the later phases continues. The majority of will move directly from their old home into a new home on the estate. Some residents have expressed an interest in moving off-estate and these voluntary moves are being explored. Where residents have chosen to move elsewhere, property guardians are living in many of the vacated prefabs to keep them safe and secure until the building works begin.

Regular liaison meetings continue to be held with the resident Excalibur Steering Group. This will make sure that residents continue to remain the focus of our work on the estate.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the regeneration, don't hesitate to get in touch.


General queries: Arlene Strong on 0844 406 9000

Out of borough decants: Janet Easton on 0844 406 9000

LB Lewisham:

General queries: Rachel George on 020 8314 8146

Decants: Sara Caton on 020 8314 7868

You can also have a look at the offer documents to residents or review the frequently asked questions about the regeneration of the Excalibur estate.