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L&Q Governance

Residents can be involved at every level of L&Q, ranging from board level and interaction with senior decision makers, to working closely on the ground with our frontline staff.


Resident involvement

Neighbourhood Committees

Neighbourhood Committees are formally constituted groups that involve residents in the decision making process at neighbourhood level. Each Neighbourhood Committee elects a Chair who sits on the Resident Board, giving Neighbourhood Committees the opportunity to provide feed back into Resident Board on L&Q-wide issues. See our Neighbourhood Committees page for more information.

Resident Board

The Resident Board is a key decision making body which L&Q consults regularly regarding service delivery and improvements.

It also agrees and monitors our performance against L&Q standards, as part of co-regulation. Resident Board members are the elected chairs from all of L&Q's Neighbourhood Committees. They meet regularly with senior L&Q staff, including the Chief Executive. The Chair of this body also sits on the L&Q Group Board which is directly responsible for overseeing L&Q's activities, giving residents a real say at the heart of the organisation.

Group Board

The Group Board oversees all aspects of the work carried out by the L&Q Group. The board is made up of individuals from a variety of backgrounds including the Chair of the Resident Board. The board has direct responsibility for the strategic direction of L&Q.

Meet the members of Group Board

We publish a register of personal interests of Group Board members, Executive Group directors and directors of Group subsidiaries in accordance with the National Housing Federation's Standards of Conduct: Code of Members. The register is updated when required and reviewed annually by the Company Secretary's team.

Download the register of interests (pdf).