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Apprenticeships - Facebook discussion from March 2015

Sarah Borien, L&Q's Apprenticeship Co-Ordinator, returned to answer questions about apprenticeship opportunities on our Facebook page during National Apprenticeship Week in March 2015.

If you missed the session or would like a reminder of what was discussed, see below. 

When are the next set of Apprenticeship vacancies being advertised?

We hope to launch the next set of vacancies in May 2015. We will have 10 opportunities for L&Q residents to work across the business in our neighbourhood offices and central functions. Keep an eye on the L&Q Jobs page for details and on for all of our future vacancies.

My son is looking for an apprenticeship, but doesn't live in an L&Q property. Can he apply?

Unfortunately he can't apply for the L&Q scheme. Our programme is only open to L&Q residents as it is funded by the L&Q foundation, which invests in L&Q communities. However, your son can apply for vacancies with our contractors- those vacancies are listed on our apprenticeship website. See the question above for details. Otherwise, it's worth your son registering with the National Apprenticeship Service so that he can access all the apprenticeship vacancies in his area.

I've heard apprentices don't get paid very well. What's the salary for an L&Q apprentice

It's true, National Minimum Apprenticeship wage is just £2.73 per hour. However, at L&Q we're committed to ensuring our apprenticeship programme is an opportunity for our residents to get back into work and sustain their tenancies. We pay our apprentices £9.15 per hour, the London Living Wage.

I'd love to apply for an apprenticeship but I'm in my forties! Am I too old?

Not at all! Some apprenticeship programmes have an age restriction on them so it's always worth checking, but at L&Q we welcome anyone over the age of 16. There is no upper age limit.

Do you need any experience or qualifications to be eligible for L&Q's apprenticeship programme?

No. You will need to complete an application form and be interviewed as part of the recruitment process, but the purpose of our programme is to remove the barriers that many of our residents face when looking for work.

You don't need any experience and you don't need qualifications: we will support you with on-the-job training and you'll get an accredited qualification as part of the scheme.

I've seen L&Q is building new homes in my borough. I'm keen to get a job in construction - will there be any apprenticeships on your building sites?

Yes, absolutely. We are introducting apprenticeships and work experience opportunities on many sites where we're building new homes. Keep an eye on the notice boards around the sites or talk to the site team. Otherwise, refer to our apprenticeship website because we list the opportunities there as well.

Is there a limit to how many apprenticeships I can apply for? What if I get rejected for one?

There's no limit- you can apply for as many as you like! My only advice is to make sure you are clear on why you're applying for each job. I would recommend you only apply for jobs you're really interested in or passionate about.

Are all of the apprenticeships office based? What kind of vacancies do you have?

We have quite a variety. This year we advertised 20 vacancies that included work in admin, caretaking, IT, finance and housing. The admin, IT and finance roles are all office based but caretaking and housing positions are based out and about in our communities, working face-to-face with our residents. This year we're also going to have opportunities providing maintenance and repairs services in our properties

I applied for an apprenticeship this year but was unsuccessful. What now?

You're welcome to apply again, and develop your application based on the feedback you received. Alternatively, you can contact our JobReady team where an Employment Support Officer will help you gain employability skills. They will support you with interview tips and help with your job search. If you're interested, email your name and address to

Are the apprenticeships full time? I have children who go to school so would be looking for a part time one if possible?

They're advertised as full time positions, but there is flexibility on this. I would recommend that you apply; if you are successful and you're offered the position then you can discuss this with the line manager.  

How can we sign up for them and is there anything near Slough as I do not drive?

It is likely we will have vacancies in Slough, either in Sept 2015 or March 2016. We haven't allocated the next set of posts yet so dates cannot be confirmed. We always recommend that you keep an eye on our website, but residents can also register with the JobReady team. The email address is in the question above.

Do you have any vacancies in Basingstoke?

We don't at present i'm afraid, but keep an eye out on our contractors as they also have apprenticeship schemes. Keep an eye on our website. 

For further information on any subject discussed in this session, please visit the apprentice page of this website.

You can always message our Facebook team too.