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Our mission, vision and values

Over the past year we have reviewed our mission, vision and values to make sure they are fit for the next five years. They set out who we are, where we want to be and how we want to get there.

Alongside our existing mission statement and people values, our new vision and corporate values give renewed clarity to the strategic direction of the organisation, for staff and stakeholders alike.

They reaffirm and cement our social purpose at the heart of what we do.

Who we are

We are a charitable housing association.

Our mission

Creating places where people want to live.

Our vision

To make sure everyone has a safe, warm, quality and affordable home.

Our values

These are our guiding principles. They dictate how we deliver our mission and vision through our behaviours and actions.

Our corporate values

  • Charitable - our history is important to us. We are an independent charity set up to house people not provided for by the market
  • Surplus for purpose - we invest all our income in support of our charitable objectives. We apply commercial discipline to every aspect of our business so that we can invest in new and existing homes, communities and services
  • Customer driven - we put our customers at the heart of what we do. We want them as our biggest advocates
  • Focused on delivery - we get things done, whether by ourselves or in partnership. We stand by our promises
  • We care - we are committed to empowering people and communities to minimise our impact on the environment

Our people values

We will:

  • Take responsibility - we deliver our promises
  • Work with passion - we love what we do
  • Never stop learning - because change is constant
  • Embrace diversity - everyone has a role to challenge and contribute
  • Build trust - by being open and honest

To succeed over the next five years, everything we do will be focused on four strategic objectives:

  • Customer experience - everyone taking personal responsibility for making sure that our customers receive the best possible experience we can provide
  • Financial strength and growth - maximising our capacity to invest in new and existing homes, services and communities for all our customers
  • Business excellence - delivering cost-effective and quality homes and services through efficiency and innovation
  • People and culture - creating value for our customers by investing in our people to develop everyone's full potential