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Our Executive Group

On this page you can find details of the directors who, along with  L&Q's Chief Executive, make up our Executive Group.

Waqar Ahmed Waqar Ahmed
Group Director of Finance


Yvonne Arrowsmith Yvonne Arrowsmith
East Thames Chief Executive



Mike Donaldson 2013 Mike Donaldson
Group Director, Strategy and Operations 

Jerome Geoghegan Jerome Geoghegan
Group Director, Development and Sales

Di Hart Diane Hart
Group Director, Neighbourhoods

Rahul Jaitly Rahul Jaitly
Chief Information Officer

Tim Mulvenna Tim Mulvenna
Group Director, Customer Service

Tom Nicholls Tom Nicholls
Group Director, Human Resources



Olu Olanrewaju 100p Olu Olanrewaju
Exec Director of Operations